Drools Dr. Dent M/L 400gms




Drools Dr. Dent M/L 400gms


When it comes to oral hugiene for your pet, there is no better authority than Dr.dent

A range of specially blended treats that combine natural ingredients, enzymes and flavours so your pooch doesn’t just get healthier teeth and cleaner gums, but fresh breath with  every munch. Don’t wait take an appointment with better care, today!



  • Calcium promotes stronger teeth
  • Sodium tripolyphosphate wipes away plaque & eliminate tater build-up
  • Zinc & chlorophyll freshen breath & reduce microbial load in the oral cavity
  • Soft chewy texture offer a thorough clean-up


Rice, Wheat flour, Real chicken, Guar gum, Tapioca, Soya oil, Calcium, glycerine, gelling agent, Zinc citrate, Sodium tripolyphosphate, Essential oils, Enzymes, Chlorophyll extract, Potassium sorbate, Taurine, Natural antioxidants & Flavours

Guranteed  analysis

Protein 10%
Fat (min) 1%
 Fibre 5%
Moisture 20%

Feeding guide

1 stick per day