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Pet dog saves Navy veteran who had a stroke, their reunion at hospital moves people online

Pet dog saves Navy veteran who had a stroke, their reunion at hospital moves people online

Dogs are man’s best friend and a pet Chihuahua just proved that, as it is being credited with saving its owner’s life.

Rudy Armstrong, an 86-year-old navy veteran, recently suffered a stroke while on his floating home that he built in Oriental in North Carolina. Armstrong, who lived alone with his dog, a Chihuahua mix named Bubu, said when he couldn’t reach his phone, he called out to his ‘friend’ for help.

Bubu immediately ran off to get the Dockmaster, Kim, who then called 911. Armstrong, with the help of paramedics, was shifted to a local hospital. Talking to local WCTI TV, Armstrong said, “I didn’t want to be there for a couple of days before somebody would come by. So I said, ‘Ok Boo-Boo, go get me some help.'”

The elderly veteran told local media that his day started off pretty normally but slowly after lunch, he realised he was unable to move his hand.

Armstrong was taken to CarolinaEast Medical Center, where doctors and staff are still caring for him, but hearing the emotional story of his dog, decided to organise a little reunion to help him recuperate.

Armstrong told WNCT9 news that he couldn’t wait to be back with his life-saving Bubu. “I’m excited about getting to see her. I mean she sleeps with me, when I go someplace in the car she goes with me, and all that. You know I mean we do everything together,” he explained.

The health centre shared photos on their official handles showing the reunion, with the dog hugging and kissing its owner. “We were able to orchestrate a reunion between him and his best girl today in our Rehab Garden and it gave ALL the feels to those able to witness it, including our CEO, Ray Leggett!” the hospital wrote online.

“He is recovering well in our Rehab Hospital and can’t wait to get back to his ‘three-room floating house’ with his best girl, Bubu, in the near future,” the hospital said in the latest update on their Facebook page.

People on social media were touched by the story and showered love on the dog for helping the man.


Source - New Indian Express

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