Virbac Effipro Fipronil Spray – 80ml




Virbac Effipro Fipronil Spray – 80ml

Ticks and Fleas are a menace not only for our furry friends but also for us humans. To save your pets from tick and flea infestation, Virbac Effipro Anti Tick and Flea Spray is the best solution. Available in a 80 ml spray can, the spray can be easily used on cats and dogs. In case the infestation has increased, you may spray on the infected area and allow your pooch to air dry. The effective formula will reduce the tick and flea infestation over a period of time.

  • Quantity – 80 ml
  • Composition – Fipronil 0.25% w/v
  • Indications – Treatment & prevention of flea & tick infestations in cats & dogs
  • Dosage – 7.5-15 mg/kg body weight, or * 6-12 pump application / kg body weight for 80ml pack